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网络注意力经济新标准 吸引点击不再是王道

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本文摘要:There aren’t many things that can capture a busy journalist’s attention. A juicy scoop, for one. The flashing lights of an ambulance may be another. (We tend to be the types that run toward danger.) And, for the vast majority of those writ


There aren’t many things that can capture a busy journalist’s attention. A juicy scoop, for one. The flashing lights of an ambulance may be another. (We tend to be the types that run toward danger.) And, for the vast majority of those writers and editors that work online, the hypnotic bounce of the Chartbeat needle telling them who’s reading their story at that very moment.能更有匆匆忙忙的记者注意力的事情不多。有意思的独家新闻却是一种。呼啸而过的救护车大约算数另外一种。(这里特指冲在危险性第一线的记者。

)而对于绝大多数网络作者和编辑们而言,需要更有他们注意力的,则是Chartbeat指针像清醒一样的跳动,因为它能表明出有某一时刻有哪些人正在读者其文章。The New York-based company, which offers real-time analytics for websites, has in just a few years worked its code into the websites of 80% of the top online publishers, including the one you’re reading right now. It has changed the way they react to traffic data. It used to be that you’d have to wait until the next day for data (pageviews, unique users, et cetera) to understand how stories performed. Then it became the next hour. With Chartbeat, it’s nearly instantaneous. A look at the “concurrents” needle on the Chartbeat dashboard is like staring at a person’s beating heart during an MRI scan.获取网站动态分析服务的纽约公司Chartbeat,在短短几年内,客户之后覆盖面积了80%的顶级在线出版商的网站,还包括《财富》的英文网站。它转变了媒体对待流量数据的方式。很早以前之前,网络媒体第二天才能获得数据(页面访问量、独立国家用户等),理解文章的热门程度。


This dynamic has changed the way publishers react. You’ve no doubt noticed it. Headlines are refined on the fly. Secondary stories are promoted with more precise timing. And, of course, the bait becomes more click-y, fueled by an online display advertising business model that rewards views instead of interest. (Exhibit A: The headline used, quite tongue in cheek, on this story.)这种方式早已转变了出版商应付数据的方式。读者认同注意到了。头条的标题被大大地精心调整。



)The underlying model has been the most troublesome, and it’s the primary reason why “Six Totally Shocking, Crazy, Outrageous Predictions About the War Against the Islamic State” and “Watch a Woman Attempt to Lose One Pound in 20 Minutes” are used to headline stories you’ve probably already seen elsewhere. The headline has always been a chief tool to grab a reader’s attention, but today’s model rewards publishers who exaggerate to reach far beyond their target audience.这种基本模式仍然令人头痛深感,所以,你不会常常看见 类似于“一位女性如何在20分钟内减去一磅”这样的标题,而只不过里面的内容你也许早已在其他地方看完。标题仍然是更有读者注意力的主要工具,但现在的模式却正希望出版商流露出滑稽之能事,以仅次于有可能更有读者。Like most people, Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile believes there’s a better way. On Monday, his company announced the first-ever accreditation by the Media Rating Council for metrics around attention, rather than clicks or load time. The accreditation spans both ads and content, and may prove effective in beating back the over-promising online headline.与很多人一样,Chartbeat公司CEO托尼o海勒坚信还有更佳的方法。

上个月,他的公司宣告“注意力标准”首度受到媒介影音亲率评介委员会(Media Rating Council)的接纳衡量标准,这个标准既不是看点击率也不是看读取时间。而是跨越广告与内容两方面,也许需要有效地压制言过其实的网络文章标题。“Instead of trying to value ads on the fact that the page loaded with the ad on it, it’s: Can you accurately measure how long the actual amount of attention you’re able to capture and then value it?” he said during a phone call Friday from the Online News Association conference in Chicago. “If you can do that, brands will more effectively allocate capital. On the publisher side, all the people who have invested in quality content actually have an economic reason to do so.”在参加芝加哥在线新闻协会(Online News Association)会议期间,海勒拒绝接受电话专访时回应:“我们并非想根据读取页面的情况给广告计价,而是想要解决问题两个问题:你否可以精确测量需要捕捉的注意力的明确数量?如何计算出来这些注意力的价值?如果你能做这两点,品牌就可以更加有效地分配资本。

而在出版商方面,从经济角度来说,所有投资高质量内容的人,都有理由这样做到。”Publishers have long sought a better way to measure attention, but have for years disagreed on how to specifically do it. “You want to know and understand what’s quality content,” Haile said. “If you can get someone to click on a headline and come through to a page where the ad loads in the top 500 pixels, what’s the incentive for you to invest in quality content? You can just write a clever headline. But if you can keep them on that page and keep them reading so that ad has a chance to work, there’s a very great difference. Fifty-five percent of all pageviews on the web get less than 15 seconds of attention. If you’re dealing with something where you can prove attention better, you can charge more.”出版商仍然在找寻更佳的方法测量注意力,但多年来一直无法就明确方式达成协议共识。


如果需要寻找一种方法,更佳地证明注意力,你就可以提升广告费亲率。”What Haile is suggesting is a massive change to the online advertising industry, which has done much to refine its existing model but accomplished little in the way of a full rethink. “We’ll begin moving our attention to brand advertising—that is, advertising that communicates a message to you, rather than prompting an action, or direct response,” he said. “The brand side has been using direct-response metrics for the wrong purposes. That’s going to change over time.”海勒的建议是对在线广告行业的一次极大变革,虽然在线广告业仍然在希望完备现有的模式,但却很少能产生全新的点子。海勒说:“我们将开始把注意力移往到品牌广告,即向消费者传递信息,而不是宣传一项活动或必要号召式的促销。品牌方对必要号召标准的用于步入了误区。

未来,这种情况将渐渐转变。”Which means in time publishers won’t be incentivized quite as much to churn out so-called clickbait. The road ahead is rocky, Haile said, and change will be unevenly distributed as publishers and ad agencies begin to embrace the new standard. But the direction forward is, for the first time, clear. “A visitor’s default behavior isn’t to read every word,” he said. “It’s to leave.”这意味著,未来出版商将丧失粗制滥造所谓页面诱饵的动力。