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水杯需要智能吗 Smart cup and bottle quench thirst you never knew yo

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本文摘要:Water is our simplest nutrient. It requires no more preparation than turning on a tap. We know when we need to drink it because we feel thirsty. Fully functioning adults tend not to forget to drink enough water to survive.对我们来说,水是最简单的养分。


Water is our simplest nutrient. It requires no more preparation than turning on a tap. We know when we need to drink it because we feel thirsty. Fully functioning adults tend not to forget to drink enough water to survive.对我们来说,水是最简单的养分。它不必置备,只要拧开水龙头就好了。

我们告诉什么时候必须睡觉,因为我们不会实在口渴。功能长时间的成年人会忘了喝充足的水以确保自身的存活。Yet companies old and new want to convince us that humanity has a drinking problem. New “smart cups” from Thermos and San Francisco-based start-up Mark One use an array of sensors that beam users’ real-time data about water consumption to a smartphone app. But does such a simple act as drinking really need all this tech?然而,新的杨家公司都想要让我们坚信人类在睡觉上不存在问题。

膳魔师(Thermos)和旧金山初创企业Mark One的新款“智能杯”通过一组传感器将用户的动态饮水数据传输到智能手机应用于上。然而,像睡觉这样非常简单的不道德知道必须这些科技吗?Being well hydrated can make us feel more alert and focused, as well as boosting our immune system. The apocryphal advice of eight glasses of water a day is actually a little less than the 2.7 litres recommended for women and 3.7l for men by the US Institute of Medicine. But, as the institute concluded: “The vast majority of healthy people adequately meet their daily hydration needs by letting thirst be their guide.”维持充裕的水分可以让我们更加警觉,注意力更加集中于,还能提升人体免疫系统的能力。常常听见的建议是人应当每天喝八杯水,但实质上美国医学研究院(US Institute Of Medicine)的建议量比这还要额低一点——女性每天必须喝2.7升水,男性必须喝3.7升水。

但是,该机构的结论是:“绝大多数健康人以口渴为提示,就不足以符合人体每天的水分市场需求了。”Pryme time Mark One的Pryme Vessyl杯Nonetheless, Mark One believes its algorithm can do better than humans.尽管如此,Mark One坚信其算法比不上人类的辨别。

When setting up its $100 smart cup, called Pryme Vessyl, I told the app my age, weight, height and sleeping hours. As an optional extra, I also gave it access to my iPhone’s activity and workout data, collected through fitness trackers such as Apple Watch or Jawbone’s UP.Mark One的Pryme Vessyl智能杯售价100美元。在设置的时候,我在应用于中输出了自己的年龄、体重、体重和睡眠中时长。我还自由选择了一个额外选项,许可它采访我手机里通过苹果手表(Apple Watch)或者Jawbone的UP手环等身体健康跟踪设备搜集的活动和磨练数据。

Pryme Vessyl crunches this data in the cloud to create what it says is a more personalised and dynamic hydration target. But rather than tally this in regular litres or ounces, it uses a curious metric of its own invention, also called Pryme.Pryme Vessyl在云端对这些数据展开处置,制订其所谓的更加个性化、更加动态的水摄取标准。但是它没使用升至或盎司等一般来说用于的度量单位,而是使用了奇特的自创度量单位Pryme。This obscurely calculated score is tallied up on the app and also appears as a thin strip of white light on the outside of the cup. The line lights up when you tilt the cup, ending in a blue dot if it judges you are sufficiently hydrated at that moment.这个难懂计算出来得出结论的数字表明在你的手机应用于上,还不会以一道细细的白光表明在水杯外壁上。

当你弯曲水杯的时候,这道光就不会暗一起,如果它指出你此时早已摄取了充足的水分,白光末端顶点就不会变为蓝色。This light is an elegant touch on the otherwise minimalist white cup, which at least is not too brash about its “smarts”. The white matt plastic exterior is pleasant to hold and comfortable regardless of whether the cup contains iced water or hot tea.这道光给这个近于珍设计的白色杯子加添了典雅感觉,这款水杯最少对自己的“智能”不是过于自以为是。白色哑光塑料外壳握住一起手感很好,不论杯子里敲的是冰水还是热茶都让人实在很难受。

However, the glass interior makes the cup pretty heavy, while its “splashproof” sliding cap does not prevent drips and leaks. This makes it unsuitable for use during vigorous exercise, when hydration monitoring might be most useful.然而,玻璃内层让这个水杯非常轻,而其“防溅”滑盖无法避免水滴漏出来。这造成这个杯子不合适在剧烈运动中用于,而那或许正是最必须水分监测的时候。My main incentive for maintaining Pryme became to silence the constant nag of push notifications that arrived whenever I was short of my goal. My phone often pinged when I had just taken a sip with urges to take another, to “get you to the next level”.每次我没有达到目标,手机上的应用于就不会大大地给我启动时通报,我坚决用于Pryme的主要动机变为了让无聊的通报安静下来。

我的手机常常不会在我刚刚喝一口的时候哔哔作响,劝说我再行来一口以“升到下一个级别”。Mark One has raised millions of dollars in venture capital to develop a more ambitious cup that claims to track the type and brand of drink inside, including calorie and caffeine content.Mark One已筹措了数百万美元的风险资本,以研发一款更为雄心勃勃的水杯,据信其需要跟踪杯中饮品的种类和品牌,还包括卡路里和咖啡因含量。

However, that product has had more than a year of delays because of problems with sensor reliability, with no shipping date in sight. In the past few months, the company has suffered the departure of its heads of health, design and software, as well as founder and chief executive Justin Lee.然而,由于传感器可靠性问题,该产品早已推迟了一年多,何时能销售也还未可知。过去几个月里,该公司身体健康、设计和软件部门的几名主管陆续离开了,创始人和首席执行官贾斯廷丠(Justin Lee)也已走人。

Thermos 2.0膳魔师Smart LidThermos’s $60 Smart Lid device is more utilitarian. Its app simply tracks how much water is in the bottle (in case you can’t see through its transparent side), its temperature (in case holding the cup was insufficiently precise), how much water you have consumed and — for fans of pointless statistics — how many minutes you have spent drinking and how many sips you have taken that day. You can set your own water consumption goal (in plain old litres), with a bar tracking your progress, and the total amount drunk can also sync to Fitbit’s app.膳魔师发售的售价60美元的Smart Lid智能杯简单一些。这款应用于只监测瓶中有多少水(怕你通过半透明的杯壁也看到里面)、水温(防止捧着杯子深感的温度过于准确)、你早已喝了多少水、以及为那些无意义统计数据的爱好者获取的数据——当天你早已在睡觉上花上了多长分钟和喝了多少口。你可以原作个人水摄取目标(以普通的度量单位“升”计),有一个进度条跟踪你的进程,饮水总量也可以实时到Fitbit的应用于上。

The plastic bottle and its lid are light and watertight, which at least makes it more practical than the Pryme. But I found the data transfer unreliable. On one occasion, it told me I had spent 1,143 minutes taking one sip, to consume 7ml of water.塑料瓶身和瓶盖轻巧、不透水,使其最少比Pryme简单一些。但是我找到其数据切换不过于可信。

有一次,它表明我喝一口水花了1143分钟,却只喝了7毫升水。Verdict结论The human body comes with robust hydration sensors — based on input and output — pre-installed at no cost to the user. We may all benefit from the occasional reminder to drink more water, but there are far cheaper ways to do that than these devices.人体笔记本电脑了强劲可信的水分传感器,根据水分的摄取和排泄运作。我们或许都能获益于有时候警告的“多喝水”建议,但是相比这些设备,还有低廉得多的方式做这一点。Amid the ongoing “internet of things” hype, the argument that a cup or bottle must be “smart” just does not hold water.在“物联网”的持续抹黑中,水杯或水瓶必需“智能”的观点是站不住脚的。