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中兴内部文件曝光 华为被拖下水

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本文摘要:HONG KONG — When the United States government punished ZTE of China this month, saying it had done business with Iran, it released internal company documents that it said detailed how the electronic equipment maker had done it — and that a


HONG KONG — When the United States government punished ZTE of China this month, saying it had done business with Iran, it released internal company documents that it said detailed how the electronic equipment maker had done it — and that also suggested the problem might not be limited to one Chinese company. 香港——在本月以中国的中兴(ZTE)公司与伊朗有做生意往来为由对其产生制裁时,美国政府发布了该公司的内部文件,称之为文件获取了有关该电子设备制造商与伊朗交易的细节,还称之为这个问题有可能不仅仅限于一家中国公司。One document described how ZTE would set up seemingly independent companies — called “cut-off companies” — that would sign the deals in other countries. That could enable it to continue to do business in Iran, North Korea and other countries placed under American restrictions. 一份文件称之为,中兴不会成立看起来独立国家的公司——“阻隔企业”,通过这些公司在其他国家签订协议。这不会使得中兴需要之后在伊朗、朝鲜及其他受到美国容许的国家积极开展贸易。

In describing the effort, the document cited as a model — and at times a cautionary tale — a rival company it called F7. ZTE said F7 had done something similar, though its business in restricted companies ended up hurting its American ambitions. 该文件在解释这些措施时,提及了一个范例——有时是为了敲响警钟——一个被称作F7的竞争对手。中兴称之为F7也有类似于的作法,但该公司在有限国家的业务,最后伤害了它在美国的宏图大业。The document does not give F7’s real name. But the description offered by ZTE matches a company far larger and more politically sensitive: Huawei Technologies, its chief rival and a major force in the technology world. 该文件没解释F7的现实名称。但中兴的叙述合乎一个规模小得多且极具政治敏感性的公司:华为技术公司——中兴的主要输掉、技术领域的一股最重要力量。

The ZTE document, dated August 2011, suggests that other Chinese companies could have potential exposure to American export limits. Given the recent sanctions against ZTE, it also suggests that the issue could be a continuing one between Chinese and American government officials. 这份在2011年8月公布的文件表明,其他中国公司可能会受到美国的出口容许。中兴最近遭到的制裁也解释,这将沦为中美政府官员间持续不存在的一个问题。

ZTE on Thursday said that it had delayed the release of its annual financial results because of the sanctions, which limit the ability of American companies to sell equipment to it. 中兴在周四回应,由于遭制裁,该公司不会推迟发布年度财务业绩。制裁措施使得向中兴出售设备的美国公司受到限制。

ZTE officials declined to comment on the identity of F7, and Huawei declined to comment. ZTE has said it is cooperating with investigators and is committed to complying with the law. 中兴官员拒绝接受就F7的身份置评,华为拒绝接受评论。中兴曾回应,公司正在因应调查人员的工作,允诺遵从法律。The United States Commerce Department, which last week restricted sales of American telecommunications equipment to ZTE, accusing it of violating embargoes, did not respond to requests for comment. 美国商务部上周容许涉及公司向中兴出售电信设备,谴责中兴违背禁令,商务部没恢复置评催促。

It is rare for the Commerce Department to publicly provide evidence for an addition to its blacklist of restricted companies, especially full disclosure of internal documents. 商务部很少公开发表获取有关减少有限公司的证据,尤其是全面透露内部文件。It is not clear how accurate ZTE’s version of the events might be. The document says some information about F7 was gathered by ZTE’s legal department, without offering details. 目前尚能不确切,中兴有关该事件的解释与事实否有进出。文件称之为,一些有关F7的信息是由中兴法务部门搜集的,但没获取细节。

F7, the document says, tried in 2010 to buy an American company called 3Leaf but met with opposition from American officials. That same year, Huawei agreed to buy major assets from 3Leaf, but it dropped the bid in February 2011 because of opposition from American officials. 文件称之为,F7在2010年企图并购一家取名为3Leaf的美国公司,但遭美国官员的赞成。就在那一年,华为表示同意并购3Leaf的主要资产,但最后因为美国官员的赞成,在2011年2月退出了投标。F7 also has a joint venture with the American digital security company Symantec, the 2011 document says. Huawei had a joint venture with Symantec before the American company dissolved it in 2012. 这份2011年的文件表明,F7还与美国数字安全性公司赛门铁克(Symantec)正式成立了合资企业,但2012年美国公司退出了这个企业。

Like ZTE, Huawei makes telecommunications equipment for corporate networks and for big telecommunications systems such as phone companies. American officials have long suspected it has Chinese government ties, and United States intelligence officials have tried to tap into the company’s network. Both companies are effectively barred from selling equipment for American networks. 与中兴一样,华为为公司网络及大型电信系统——比如手机公司——生产电信设备。美国官员仍然在猜测该公司与中国政府有关联,美国情报官员曾企图藏身该公司的网络。两家公司实质上都被禁令向美国网络出售设备。

Huawei says that it is privately owned and that accusations of government ties are an excuse to hurt the company for protectionist purposes. 华为回应,该公司为私有企业,有关公司与政府关系的指控只是为了实行保护主义、伤害该公司的借口。Huawei is much larger than ZTE. In 2014, it reported revenue of about $60 billion, about four times that of ZTE. Depending on the measure, it ranks with Sweden’s Ericsson as the world’s largest supplier of the base stations and other equipment that make mobile telecom networks run. Huawei equipment supports networks in countries across the world, including many European markets. 华为的规模比中兴小得多。


华为的设备承托世界各国网络的运营,其中还包括很多欧洲市场。While both Huawei and ZTE are given privileged status as high-tech innovators by China’s leadership, Huawei is more prominent. 虽然华为和中兴都被中国领导人称作高科技行业的创新者,给与它们特权,但华为更为重要。

Huawei has also had greater success selling its smartphones in America, and indeed across the world. The company was the third-largest smartphone vendor by units sold in the fourth quarter of 2015 according to IDC, with an 8.1 percent share of the global market, compared with the 21.4 percent share of Samsung, the company in first place. 华为的智能手机在美国的销售更加顺利,实质上在全世界也更加顺利。IDC的数据表明,以2015年第四季度的销售量来看,该公司沦为世界第三大智能手机卖家,在全球市场占有8.1%的份额,三星(Samsung)占到21.2%,名列第一。Despite the trouble in the United States, Huawei has not shied away from potentially controversial deals. In September, Huawei signed a deal with Syria’s Communications and Technology Ministry to help the country develop its communications networks. 尽管在美国遇上困难,华为对有可能不存在争议的交易并不名讳。

9月,华为与叙利亚通信技术部签订协议,以协助叙利亚发展通信网络。The ZTE document details how F7 recruited compliance experts and placed them in its joint ventures as part of efforts to mitigate its risks. It says that the company recruited one “senior export control compliance specialist from Texas Instruments” and a “Chinese-American attorney who is familiar with the related laws in the U.S.” 中兴的文件详尽描写了F7如何聘请合规专家,并将他们移往在合资企业,以此作为增加风险的措施的一部分。

文件称之为,该公司聘请了“德州仪器(Texas Instruments)的资深出口管制合规专员”及一名“熟知美国涉及法律的美国华人律师”。It also describes how F7 found partners that it could say were independent companies and that could work on its behalf in countries under embargo. F7, it said, found a big information technology company that was “serving as its agent to sign contracts for projects in embargoed countries.” 该文件还称之为F7寻找了一些合作伙伴,它可以说道这些都是独立国家公司,但又可以代表F7在管制国运作。

文件表明F7寻找了一家大型信息技术公司,“作为其签订管制国项目的签下主体”。“This cut-off company’s capital credit and capability are relatively strong compared to our company; it can cut off risks more effectively,” the document said. 文件称之为,“该阻隔企业资质及能力较强,相对于我司能较好地阻隔风险。” But ZTE came to believe that F7’s activities in embargoed countries hurt its American expansion efforts. 但中兴指出F7在管制国的活动影响了该公司在美国的扩展计划。It said it believed that F7’s efforts to acquire companies in the United States were in part blocked because of its “ongoing projects in embargoed countries.” 中兴称之为,它坚信F7在美国并购公司阻碍,部分是因为F7“在管制国的运作项目”。